Imagine a community where:

  • You’re able to connect with like-minded professionals who have trodden a similar path
  • You can openly and honestly share your greatest challenges — as well as your successes!
  • People are genuinely supportive, generous with their knowledge and experience
  • There are opportunities to collaborate rather than compete
  • You’re able to learn strategies and skills to develop and improve your training business

Trainer Talk is a fantastic community of friendly, motivational and supportive trainers available 24/7, all totally willing to share what they know, and support you on your journey to success.

I’m Sharon Gaskin. I’ve spent the last 7 years working with freelance trainers to help them build successful, satisfying training businesses.

Following a career as a corporate L&D professional, I spent years working as a lone freelancer and business owner, so I understand how incredibly lonely it can be.

When you’re in the training room it’s fine, but when you’re not it’s not always that easy to get that buzz that comes from talking and interacting with others — the buzz that you need to keep you in flow, keep you motivated and moving towards achieving your goals and getting things done.

I’ve done a huge amount of networking over the years. One big thing I’ve learnt is that often there can be a big pressure to not be yourself, to put a bit of a front on and say everything is fantastic in your business, when it’s not. When really, what you want to say is, “You know what, I’m finding it tough right now and I’d like some help.”

Most of the freelance trainers I’ve worked with since setting up Trainer Talk find it easier to put on the front than ask for help – do you ever feel like that?

And then there’s the thorny question of where to go for business advice. Where do you go to get business advice?

In today’s digital age there’s no shortage of information, but you can easily waste a whole day surfing for stuff only to find it doesn’t really apply to you as a freelance trainer… I am a great believer in leveraging others’ success, and this is why I created Trainer Talk.

I am passionate about bringing freelance trainers together to learn, share, connect and collaborate. It is important to have a safe and supportive network of people who get what you do, and are prepared to help celebrate your successes and share your challenges. 


It’s a thriving community and supportive network of freelance trainers all totally willing to share what they know and support you on your journey to success. I am constantly amazed by the level of business and professional knowledge in the group and the generosity and desire to help and encourage each other! I check into this group daily, so you always have access to me to answer your questions.

Trainer Talk is a safe space for you to be able to talk openly about the challenges you have in your business with other trainers who understand and ‘get’ it.

It’s a place where you can get practical help and inspiration from other trainers and business experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you happen to be in the world.

As a member of Trainer Talk, here’s what you get.

In addition to the 24/7 community, you have direct access to me through the forum, AND:

  • 4 Trainer Talk Live Events per year
    March, May, September, December 

You will meet and form connections with like-minded Trainers as well as receiving great business strategies from our Guest Speakers. The Trainer Talk Clinic sessions give you the chance to discuss and get ideas on your personal business challenge. Plus you will leave with a massive boost of energy and inspiration!

  • Business Growth Webinars

High quality training sessions, packed full of information on how to create a successful and profitable training business. Examples of webinars already in the library – How to Get Corporate Clients, How to Get Associate Work, How to Use Linked In to Get Business, How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get Paid On Time Every Time, and much more. This content will be regularly added to and updated.

  • Expert Interviews

Get powerful insights and ideas on how you can build and sustain a successful and profitable training business from leading experts.

  • Facebook Live Training Sessions

An online training session from Sharon on topics that will help you develop and improve your business. Maybe you want to know how to market yourself better without breaking the bank, learn how to build your profile through social media, write more effective training proposals or get your foot in the door of potential corporate clients.

  • Trainer Talk Online Business Development Clinic Sessions

An online session which gives you the opportunity to discuss your business issues and challenges with other trainers. And not only to talk about them, but actually get ideas and solutions! It’s a whole lot better than trying to figure it out on your own.

  • Trainer Talk Live – Speaker Videos

If you missed out on a Trainer Talk Live Event… don’t worry! As a Trainer Talk member you get access to videos of all our speaker sessions so you won’t miss out on all the fabulous strategies and wisdom they shared.

  • Resources

Access to a collection of useful resource documents to help you build and sustain a successful and profitable training business. This content will be regularly added to and updated.

  • Trainer Talk Members Only Facebook Group

A closed group exclusively for Trainer Talk Members. This is a thriving community of freelance trainers where you can ask for advice, share information and resources as well as support each other and stay connected on a daily basis. I check into this group daily so you always have access to me to answer your questions.

  • Business Promotions

An opportunity to promote your events and business throughout the group to other members. Access to Sharon’s database for your business promotions.

Choose a Membership Package to suit you

Trainer Talk Online

Monthly Online Business Development Clinics
Business Growth Webinars
Expert Interview Library
Resources Library
Facebook Members Only Group
Business Promotions

Trainer Talk

4 Trainer Talk Live Events Per Year
Monthly Online Business Development Clinics
Business Growth Webinars
Expert Interview Library
Resources Library
Facebook Members Only Group
Business Promotions

Trainer Talk Live tickets for non Premier Members are available at £149 or £99 for First Time Attenders

What Members Have Said

Sharon’s Trainer Talk community is a lifeline to me as a business owner, working alone from home. Her community and the content she provides us has made me feel part of a network which is mutually supportive, massively knowledgeable, and hugely inspiring. Whenever there is a ‘I don’t know what to do’ moment, there is always someone to hand that will offer advice or support. On a bad day, there is always someone around to offer commiserations and a pep talk, and on a good day, it’s a great place to go and get a big hearty cheer.

Angela Jowitt

I always learn something being part of this group. Every Trainer Talk I walk away with actionable tasks which are driving my business forward. 

Trainer Talk is a community. It means working for yourself isn’t lonely. There’s always someone to turn to when you need to vent or have a query.

Sue Parsons

Knowing that I always have a community of like-minded sympathetic colleagues who understand and empathise with my successes, failures, good days and bad days…

Helps me see the wood for the trees if I’m bogged down by my thinking. Allows me to pose idle questions – sort of the “I wonder..” or “Has anyone else…” Knowing the answers will come from a real life training background.

Anne Walsh

Since taking the leap into the world of freelance training, I have found Sharon’s support and guidance invaluable. I’ve been a Trainer Talk member for over a year and would recommend the Trainers Training Company to all freelance trainers. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and experience with others and I guarantee you will get a lot more back in return.

I recently viewed Sharon’s webinar on how to get people to come along to Open Workshops. I came away with lots of really great ideas, which I am busy putting into practise.

Freelance work can be lonely, but it doesn’t feel like that with Sharon’s support. A big thank you for all those great tips you’ve share.

Jacqui Turner

Access to you, Sharon, and your wealth of knowledge, as well as access to the other members and their wealth of knowledge worth its weight in gold!!

For me, the really important stuff is the practical – whether that’s an NDA or a training technique or a contact – and that’s exactly what this group always provides; really practical information that I can implement straight away.

Jasmine Gartner

Friendly help & advice on any subject. Chance to pool resources & try out new ideas. Gives me confidence. Allows me to bounce ideas of trusted professionals. Gives me a ‘team to call on’ & makes me feel I am not operating in a vacuum.

Sue Wright

I love Trainer Talk, my favourite parts are the Trainer Talk days. They are sacrosanct in my diary. Such a fabulous community.

Kate Young


Why Work With Sharon Gaskin?

Since creating The Trainers Training Company in 2009, I have personally trained and mentored 100’s of trainers just like you and helped them to create successful and profitable training businesses. Using my 25 years of experience as both as a buyer of training, freelancer and business owner I’ve guided and supported my clients and:

Given them knowledge, skills and confidence to move from corporate trainer to successful business owner 

Provided proven strategies to generate leads, get and retain clients 

Saved them time, money and stress by showing them what works and what doesn’t in the freelance training world 

“Sharon’s insight and knowledge of the training industry is second to none.”

Emer O’Leary

“My business has definitely had a growth spurt since I met Sharon. Her wealth of experience and straight talking have been so helpful plus I am now linked to a bunch of fabulous people in the same boat – no more lonely trainer syndrome!”

Emma Williams

“Trainer Talk is one of the best investments I have made in my business since starting in 2008.”

Paul Harris

Here’s More On What’s Included in Trainer Talk Membership

By joining Trainer Talk you’ll become part of a special group of people, and together we’ll help you to:  

  • Grow and develop your business through sharing practical strategies that work
  • Keep the momentum going so that you can achieve your business goals
  • Feel confident… the confidence that comes from having access to the answers you need when you need them
  • Feel connected – and that you’re not on your own
  • Be inspired!
  • Be yourself!
  • Essential Resources for Your Training Business

Remember, you get to be part of a special online community of freelance trainers who are committed to share, learn and collaborate together, a community that’s there 24/7 wherever you are in the world. You also get:

  •  Direct access to Sharon Gaskin through the forum
  •  4 fantastic Trainer Talk Live events a year
  •  Trainer Talk Live Speaker Videos
  •  Monthly Online Training / Q&A with Sharon
  • Trainer Talk Online Business Development Clinics
  •  Business Growth Webinars
  •  Expert Interviews
  •  Essential resources for your training business
  •  Opportunity to Promote Your Business and Events



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