Podcast Ep67: Feb 14 2020

Getting People To Events: this week’s episode is brought to you by the words ‘momentous’, ‘surreal’ and ‘conundrum’. As Sharon prepares for the next chapter, Ginette experiences high impact on the derriere (no, not like that, gutter mind!). We get a bit deep, but it is an emotional week and not just because of St Valentine. In exciting news, we have a new Facebook group just for the Podcast and we talk about three key things to bear in mind when organising events for people to attend (did we mention we like you to book early?). Instead of wildlife, Sharon now has trees jumping out in front of her and Ginette somehow manages to let a horse creep up behind her. We’re also getting close to the first Trainer Talk Live of the year and we end on a somewhat musical note in the online course creation Top Tip. By the time you read this, Sharon *might* have finished unpacking …

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Podcast Ep66: Feb 7 2020

Podcasts: we don’t quite want to admit it’s the end of January, but it’s been a funny sort of week … or has it? Sharon explains why she missed a few live streaming days (apparently it’s something to do with Amy having a mum AND a dad, but no apostrophe) and Ginette counts her blessings, even if it takes a while to get to the right ‘P’. In Top of Mind, we get all meta by talking about podcasts – the what, the how and then more what – see if you can spot the really smooth edit in the middle of this one. Sharon forewarns of emotional times ahead and Ginette wonders if seals would actually be able to jump out at anyone. We’d both love people to plan ahead more and agree that when it comes to it, you gotta love a bit of Brian.

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Podcast Ep65: Jan 31 2020

Visibility: this week we talk about just how visible we need to be in our businesses to make sure we can generate the all-important Know, Like and Trust. But the big news is that we finally know which is more important to Sharon: Rafa or Jem? In the meantime, Ginette can’t stop the phone ringing, we question whether cake exists if there’s no evidence of it and also wonder if Facebook is actually something to be grateful for. Our considered opinions swing from conquering fears before you have to all the way through to how to defeat a troll (unless you’re at a loose end). Scamp meets some chickens, there are even more Trainer Talk Locals coming and if you decide to repurpose your content, make sure you do it with due care and attention!

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Podcast Ep64: Jan 24 2020

Making Positive Choices: this week, as well as deciding that a travel company doesn’t get to affect our mood, we talk about how Sharon might just be knocking on your door and how Ginette’s worried about a weird-quantum-time-loop-thing. We also discuss the finer points of neuroscience – or at least the bits that we know about how to rewire our brains to get rid of unhelpful self-talk. Sharon and Ginette both get the same lesson in different ways about how something that’s easy for us can be a mountain to climb for others and unsurprisingly the word consistency crops up. Consistently. It’s still muddy, but lovely and sunny on the dog walks, there are still Trainer Talk Locals to go to and we navigate around the latest online course creation top tip. And finally Australia’s open apparently. Or something like that …

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Podcast Ep63: Jan 17 2020

Evaluating Business Strategies: after the cliff-hanger from last week, Sharon and Ginette reveal the fate of Trainer Talk the Podcast … We also cover how sometimes we can be too polite for our own good, why we’re not trading the Ritz for a Travelodge, the importance of getting people who know what they’re doing and how a lovely message (or two) can make all the difference. There’s a little bit of woo-woo, the benefits of combining gut feel and evidence, why we just don’t know unless we’re told and some astonishing stats which put us in the top 50 (percent that is). Finally we test just how much Facebook is really listening, explain why sometimes you need to stand beside the woodpile randomly whistling, how to get to a mini-mastermind near you and the importance of good audio. Line up front and centre listeners!

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Podcast Ep62: Jan 10 2020

Changes and Tweaks: we don’t do resolutions, so for this first episode of 2020, we’re concentrating on what we’re intending to change, tweak and continue! In between taking action with intention, learning from those with the knowledge to help us get better and implementing new systems (scary), we also have time to wonder what Ryan’s return on investment might be, how to stop Sharon over-analysing and why Ginette’s got a seemingly random need for a picture of sofas. Jem makes her presence felt as only she can (several times and loudly), while Scamp’s decided against limping for now. There are more Trainer Talk Locals coming up than you can shake a stick at and for this week’s online course creation top tip we ponder the advantages of getting in a guest ‘voice’. Happy New Year!

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