Podcast Ep10: Nov 16 2018

LinkedIn: In the first double-digit episode, Sharon and Ginette forget they need to stop talking at some point, Sharon has #smugface before remembering that she does do spreadsheets really, Ginette has a Farcical Friday and they both talk (at length) about LinkedIn. You also get to find out what Alan Partridge has to do with this week’s event to consider and why being organised can be a pretty slick process.

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Podcast Ep9: Nov 9 2018

Mindset: For the ninth episode, Ginette and Sharon discuss why neither of their weeks were dominated by business, there are good vibes in the new network and Jane Rennie spills her secrets; we talk about why we’re taking a LinkedIn challenge and what Kevin Bacon’s got to do with anything, Ginette shows off (even though she really isn’t very woo-woo) and Sharon explains why Jem gets high … and by the way IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS YET!

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Podcast Ep8: Nov 2 2018

Investment: This time around Ginette gets revenge, Jem makes her debut and then misses her big moment, we talk about being confident about charging and getting over the fear of investing in your business; we’re also completely professional at all times (honest), so you can believe us when we say every business gets better when you have a dog and why it’s all about ‘stickability’; finally, please share us with your friends!

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Podcast Ep7: Oct 26 2018

Consistency: This week we can’t stop talking: we cover everything beginning with ‘C’ (almost), why we have #smugface, whether something is a failure or just not working, bonkers tennis parents and what Aristotle’s got to do with anything. It’s all connected to running your own freelance training business, we promise!

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Podcast Ep6: Oct 19 2018

Busy-ness: It’s a big week: Sharon’s sings and the search for the app is over (not necessarily related), Lightbulb Jo illuminates us about her secrets, why 80s music was obviously the best, how being busy can get in the way of being sustainable, what boustrophedonic has to do with geography and why we should get graphic and capture our screens with Pacman (sort of).

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Podcast Ep5: 12 Oct 2018

Nudging: This week the search for the perfect app continues, speakers at Trainer Talk Live get both lunch AND cake, nudge nudge wink wink and DO say some more, Ginette’s got a poltergeist and Sharon has the perfect programme to get you clarity in your training business.

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