Podcast Ep50: Oct 4 2019

Playing Big: this week we talk about belligerent swans, stretching our balloons and saving the world one dog at a time. Sharon found out it was International Podcast Day, which was fitting for the recording of our fiftieth episode (we will accept cake as a token of congratulations. ALL the cake.). We also discuss why Paul was perched on the bin and Kate was in the corner, the fast-becoming-mandatory pre-party for Trainer Talk Live and a *small* shout out to some non-dog people who really exist apparently! In the Top of Mind Topic, Karen Skidmore joins us as a guest to talk about how we can play big in business and Ginette gives another online course creation top tip about making sure learners know how to ask their questions (and what it really means if they don’t have any).

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Podcast Ep49: Sept 27 2019

Packaging: in an episode length that *most* people like, we talk about woo-woo moments and why Trainer Talk Live is like bunking school even when it’s sold out (or is it?!). Sharon considers her accent preference and Ginette creates something really rather meta. In the Top of Mind Topic we discuss personal packaging – how are we presenting ourselves to the world and what has a popular yeast-based spread got to do with it? It’s a golden episode for sure!

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Podcast Ep48: Sept 20 2019

Self-inflicted Overwhelm: this week we discuss the hugely important topics of faffing, filing, full moons and precision shopping, what gives Sharon the warm and fuzzies, the disgusting dog-related hold ups Ginette had to endure (you’ve been warned) and why an incomprehensible posh menu doesn’t always translate into nice food. The businessy bit is quite lengthy this week as we dive into the perils of overwhelm from over committing ourselves – is it just bad planning, or is there something more going on? We offer our pearls of wisdom before discussing some others given by the author of the book of the week. Sharon muses over whether moving might actually be the answer and Ginette wants us to say cheese for our online courses.

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Podcast Ep47: Sept 13 2019

Resilience with Sheridan Webb: in this week’s shorter-than-the-new-normal episode, Sharon is a bit delirious – though whether that’s more about Rafa reaching 19 or the lack of sleep from watching it, who knows? Our guest Sheridan talks to us about coping with a prolonged dry spell of work – she’s also delirious about finally getting decent broadband! Not to be left out, Ginette can’t quite claim delirium, but has had another mad idea. We also discuss the guilt involved in not feeling able to relax properly when there’s work to do, how committing to Facebook Lives sometimes means you might get arrested, Trainer Talk Local goes international and we manage to reference grand flans, pity parties and big-girl-pants. In the Dog-walking Digest Jem makes her feelings clear about *that* bit of kit and Scamp isn’t a fan of hanging around. Just your normal week really.

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Podcast Ep46: September 6 2019

Being Brave With Business Decisions: we’re back after the summer break and raring to go – will we have enough to talk about though?! After dismissing that silly question, we cover Gaskin family dramas (just Amy really), refreshed websites, and why we really like to make things easy. In Top of Mind we talk about making decisions in business and why we need to be brave and own them. Just when you think we’re too serious though, we also talk about why dogs don’t smell roses, and what gardening has to do with Trainer Talk Local, balance in your online courses and whether this episode is going to be Zen …

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Podcast Ep45: August 2 2019

Keeping Going: it’s the final episode before the summer break, so it’s another bumper edition to keep everyone going (that’s our excuse anyway!). This week we discuss why Americans don’t do vegetables, home-made cake, why rain needs structure and how we know it’s definitely a dog-chair. In actual helpful business-news, we also cover the importance of the first marketing email, the five best ways to keep going and how to encourage people to jump in and try the community for size. In the Dog-walking Digest we reveal the latest on ‘Dropping Watch’ and how the Cool Online Tool will make your training events much more interactive. We also have a very special guest …

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