Podcast Ep60: Dec 13 2019

End of Year Review Part One: in the penultimate episode before the Christmas break, we cover letting go (singing optional), Sharon getting all giddy and Ginette making a confession. We talk about how a review of the year can help you remember all the good (and not so good) bits and also the ones you’d rather forget (meditation anyone?). Ultimately we know that it’s all an experiment, so let’s make sure it’s both joyful and easy (which might also mean a bit woo-woo at times). In a shock revelation, Ginette has an opinion and Sharon’s upping the dog walking ante just to get a good night’s sleep (it’s working). And it *was* a motorbike, so there nur!

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Podcast Ep59: Dec 6 2019

Keeping on Learning: this week Sharon discovers that she has boring eyes but still manages to talk about tennis (even though the season’s over); Ginette can’t hear with her glasses on, but that doesn’t make her weird … We discover that we have more fans for the podcast (thank you!) and reward you with a full on conversation about the importance of making sure you keep learning – in whatever form that takes. Jem’s a bit better, but not sleeping well and Scamp’s still not happy about walking later in the day, but loving the frosty mornings. It’s the final Trainer Talk Live and Local of the year and in the Top Tip for online courses, we need to be wide screen.

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Podcast Ep58: Nov 29 2019

Putting yourself out there: this week Sharon has a comedy of overnight errors in Swansea, while Ginette can finally talk to people about something they’ll understand. We take a deep dive into understanding the what’s, why’s and wherefores of putting yourself out there in business – should you, and if so, how? Sharon’s learning Welsh (sort of), while Ginette comes close to getting a bit ranty (again). Jem’s been enjoying a walk along the beach, but Scamp is still refusing to walk at all after about half past one. There’s still time (just) to book for the last Trainer Talk Live of the year and in the top online course creation tip, we discuss the importance of learner milestones. So there we are.

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Podcast Ep57: Nov 22 2019

Integrity and Credibility: this week we have a lot to say (although as Sharon’s now psychic, so she could have predicted that …), including how some people have unrealistic expectations, why it’s all about practice and what on earth ZATS are … Ginette tries a white pizza for the first time (it’s a thing – who knew?!), endures two meetings and has a fab chat about online accessibility. In the Top of Mind Topic we discuss (at length) how to establish and maintain these crucial aspects of business success and how human beings are all judging, all of the time. Jem’s better even if Scamp’s not and the last Trainer Talk events of the year are just around the corner. Finally it’s all about feedback in this week’s online course creation top tip.

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Podcast Ep56: Nov 15 2019

Awards: do they mean anything? In this week’s episode, Ginette brings trivia overload and Sharon wonders why so many people travel to London on Thursday afternoons. We bring an update on the #WhoKnowsYou challenge in Trainer Talk and mull over whether or not we should care if people put in the work for something they’ve already paid for. In our Top of Mind segment we discuss the seeming proliferation of awards – are they all that credible when it comes down to it? Jem’s still not quite right and Scamp’s gone on strike from his evening walks because of the fireworks. We’re gearing up for the last Trainer Talk Live and Local of the year and discuss how there are still six working weeks left, so why are people slowing down already?! Last but not least we talk about having an appropriate online delivery style.

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Podcast Ep55: Nov 8 2019

Engagement: this week we are all about working out what engagement actually means in an online community, before telling a few stories of disengaged learners in the classroom! We also cover quite a bit else considering it was only half a week – a disappointing sporting weekend (and not just because of Rafa), a Challenge in Trainer Talk and why some birthday cards just won’t cut the mustard. Meanwhile, Sharon’s dreams are becoming increasingly focussed and Ginette gets to officially watch people running up and down. In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem’s health is still a bit of a question and we can exclusively confirm that Scamp is not a bunny … There are still two more Trainer Talk Local events to go to before the year’s out and of course the main event, Trainer Talk Live, in December. And don’t forget to keep your questions open-ended!

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