Who you are and what you do:  Colin Foster, I provide Tailored and cost-effective Microsoft Office Training, Consultancy and Support. Improving productivity throughout my clients’ businesses and making Microsoft Office WORK for them

Where do you live:  Hyde, to the East of Manchester – but happy to travel almost anywhere as, in addition to servicing clients, it also enables me to try new real ales!

How long in business:  I started in November 1999, so I’m just into my 19th year!

Who do you work with:  Anyone who’s wanting to improve how they use MS Office – whether that’s improving their (or their staffs’) skills generally, or helping to resolve a specific issue

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  Huge amounts – support, someone to talk to or turn to for help, advice, encouragement or simple blackmail(!) to get tasks done or remove that isolation that you can get as a sole trader. Some specifics are the support that I’ve had in getting my newsletter “public ready” (and then actually sent!) & the template that Alison Reeves made available for putting a client proposal together that got me a new client

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  Difficult one… projector bulb exploding with a bang, delegates on an Advanced Excel Course never having created a formula or having a delegate (and a director at that) loudly exclaiming “Oh, blast, it takes me hours to do that & you’ve achieved it in 5 minutes!” and another set saying that “3 of us spent an hour trying to get this done”… a single click later… “Oh ****!”… interesting that I seem to generate bad language with some of my delegates!!!

What I do outside of work:  Away from work, I’ve lots of interests… I’m Chair of Governors at a local Secondary school, I enjoy tabletop wargaming (playing with toy soldiers!) and am interested in Military History – mainly the Second World War & especially Normandy which I visit each year to meet veterans & also research into 18 PoWs who scrawled their names in a wooden shed that my friend now owns. I’m a member of the Campaign for Real Ale, a Christian & I play guitar (none of which are connected, but all enjoyable – even the guitar playing which starts badly & gets worse!!). I even (sometimes) have time to go fishing… occasionally I might even catch something!  I’m married & we have two children – Richard who works in the nuclear industry & Rachael who’s a primary school teacher.


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