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  • What Lisa did to build her brand and profile
  • Key things Lisa has learnt about building a community based business
  • The power of social media and using it effectively to increase your visibility
  • How to produce relevant content for your audience without it taking too much time
  • The value of connecting with influencers – both on and off line
  • How business success is possible if you follow and trust the process!

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Expert Interview – How to Build Your Profile and Achieve Expert Status – Lisa Stone

In this 60-minute interview, I chat with Lisa Stone, Founder of Parenting Aces. The mission of ParentingAces is to help educate junior tennis parents (and coaches) navigate the murky waters of junior tennis development, competition, and college recruiting.

You might be wondering why I interviewed Lisa. This is a business community after all. The reason is that Lisa does have a business. And not only has she got a business she is the brand. Everyone in tennis knows her or knows of her.

I was specifically interested in learning how she has managed to build her profile so that she is now perceived as the expert go-to person in junior tennis. What marketing strategies she has used, what’s worked and what hasn’t. All great lessons we can apply to our businesses.

I wasn’t disappointed. Delving into Lisa’s journey revealed so many strategies on how to create a brand, build a profile and achieve expert status. And niching. All good practical stuff you can apply to your own business.

Inspirational and well worth an hour of your time.


[1:08] Why all Trainer Talk members will benefit from listening to Lisa’s story – so many lessons we can apply to our businesses

[3:05] About Lisa and Parenting Aces – where it is now

[7:00] Lisa on how she ended up on The Tennis Channel

[13:17] What Lisa did before Parenting Aces and why she decided to start it

[18:01] How Lisa created the website from scratch with limited technical knowledge

[21:24] What Lisa did on social media to drive traffic to the website

[21:55] The role Facebook has played in her business development and why it’s important to be where your audience is hanging out

[24:05] The development of the Parenting Aces Facebook group and why it’s proved to be more valuable than a business page

[26:03] How Lisa got started writing blogs and articles

[28:22] The importance of connecting with influencers, why and how to do it

[31:59] How the Parenting Aces podcast was born – with a nod back to how terrible Lisa felt her first one was!

[35:54] What Lisa does to record, promote and distribute the podcast – the good new is it’s not complicated!

[40:00] How Lisa gets podcast guests

[43:00] Why it’s important to produce different forms of content for you audience

[44:25] How Lisa uses here Facebook group to develop and produce content

[45:55] Why Lisa believes you can only go so far with a keyboard and why it’s important to pick up the phone and talk to people

[48:06] How Lisa’s visibility and profile opened up dream opportunities for public speaking

[52:40] Sharon firmly believes Lisa’s story is a great example of opportunities arising as a result of small consistent actions – proof this stuff works and that we should trust the process!

[56:26] The development of The Trainers Training Company and how that started from a small idea to help a group of people with common problems

[57:38] How Sharon and Lisa got to know each other










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