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Gain powerful insights and ideas on how you can build and sustain a successful and profitable training business from leading experts.

One of the core philosophies of Trainer-Talk is collaboration. The expert interviews are a series of collaborations between me and other successful business owners. To get the best out of the expert interviews section I recommend that you choose one, and then listen in.

If you have any questions come over to the online community and ask in the group. Remember to check out the resources, and then make a note of what you’re going to implement in your freelance training business.

Expert Interviews


A really great venue is so important to the success of any training event. As we all know, good venues can be really difficult to find! How do you find the right venue? How do you check it out without having to travel? In this expert interview you’ll find out all of this and more!


Looking outside of freelance training for this expert interview we’re learning from Lisa Stone of Parenting Aces.  In this expert interview you’ll discover how Lisa became the go-to person for junior tennis.


How can freelance trainers grow their businesses with networking? How do they find the right events?

Click through and listen to Andy share some great tips.


In this expert interview I bring you not one, but two experts to share how to run a successful training business. From marketing to associates you’ll love what you learn from this interview.


In this expert interview Krystyna shares the key issues organisations have today, why you shouldn’t overlook the ROI aspect of training and the most overlooked aspect of training today.


In this interview you’ll hear why confidence is the key to success for freelance trainers, the most important thing that impacts your confidence and the 7 things you can do to be more self confident.


In this expert interview I find out why small business owners can often feel overwhelmed with technology, the importance of having the right tech set up and one key thing you can do to improve it and how you can run your business on the go!


In this expert interview you’ll uncover the myths of public speaking, how you can use it to generate opportunities and how to decide what to speak on …


In this expert interview you’ll discover the secrets of building a brand, websites, marketing and many other things that will help you grow your freelance training business.


In this expert interview you’ll discover the secrets to leveraging LinkedIn as a freelance trainer and have the opportunity to join the Trainer Talk LI POD.


In this expert interview you’ll discover why the way you think impacts upon your success and how you can actually train your brain!


Another great expert interview!

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