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Who are you and what do you do:  My name is Ginette Tessier and I run the website which is a part of my freelance training, coaching and consulting business called Acuitas. My business model began as mainly face-to-face direct client work, but these days about 95% of my work is online.

Where do you live:  Bournemouth on the sunny South Coast of the UK

How long have you been in business:  Since the back end of 2014

Who do you work with:  I help freelance trainers deliver digitally and conquer online courses. Very occasionally I get back into face to face training mode for local existing clients, usually working with new line managers.

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this group is the main reason I was able to get over the tricky first few years in business and keep my sanity! It’s one of the (very) few online communities where you can share, celebrate, rant, joke and get invaluable advice and support from people who know exactly what you’re about – a virtual office, but full of people you actually like! We get to meet often, both virtually, and in person at the Trainer Talk Live events. Sharon is one of the first people I came across in my fledgling business owner days who was (and still is!) genuinely all about giving value – I am so proud to have been asked to help her grow the Trainer Talk brand as an Ambassador.

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  For a recent launch, which I was streaming to Facebook Live as well as in a webinar, the link went down 30 seconds before go-live. I was very proud of myself not panicking as I reconnected and checked that everything was hooked up: tick for webinar stream, tick for Facebook Live – good save Ginette! It wasn’t until after it was all done that I checked my Facebook profile to see all these messages from friends saying they’d enjoyed the Live even if they didn’t really understand what I was talking about. Turns out I’d reconnected the live feed to my personal page, not my business page, where all the people who would know what I was talking about had been waiting for the webinar that never came …

What I do outside of work:  Two things mainly occupy my time – walking my rescued Jack Russell cross Scamp who is definitely the office time-keeper! Also I’m a field hockey umpire assessor and coach – I used to umpire women’s national league, now my time is spent passing on my experience to others.

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