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Who you are and what you do:  Ian Crossley, and through my business Performance – Workplace Development Ltd I help businesses to  build more effective teams by increasing self-awareness and team communication (using Insights Discovery), and by building the vital skills sometimes known as soft skills.  We aim to do what is says on the tin’, providing Development for the Workplace and thus increasing Performance.  Hence our strapline, ‘Maximising People, Potential and Strategy’.

Where do you live: Chichester, West Sussex

How long in business: 5 years

Who do you work with: Direct clients are mainly SMEs across a range of sectors including engineering and professional services.  I also do some associate work delivering training, especially to multinationals in the Middle East.

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  Trainer Talk has, from my first encounter, provided business building expertise, support (often my work is as a team of one), friendships, accountability and encouragement.  I find the speakers a great source of information and motivation, and the willingness to share best practice, advice and ideas is second to none.  Sharon has built a real community.

Funniest thing that happened to you in training room:  As an experienced seminar facilitator I was being videoed by colleagues to provide a ‘this is how to do it’ example. The sun was particularly low, the window behind the screen unusually large, and the (tripod) screen was being backlit by the sun.  So as the sun moved west, I had to stop several times and move both screen and projector so that the delegates could continue to see the slides. Part of the seminar involved ‘expanding’ the map on the screen as if it were taking up the whole wall.  To my complete embarrassment, I (who can draw maps in my head), completely and continually mixed up east and west and utterly confused the participants.  Needless to say, the video was used for years afterwards to provoke light relief and demonstrate ‘how not to do it’.

What I do outside of work:  Close examination of my DNA might tell you that my Christian faith, training, and sailing are all a vital part of me. I’ve spent a number of years in a strategic leadership role in our church; enjoy delivering Bible training events mainly in the UK for Walk Through the Bible, and lead City Angels street teams two nights each month, helping people who have sometimes made themselves vulnerable by having a few too many drinks (or other substances).  I relax best on my ‘country retreat’, a 7 metre, four berth cruising catamaran that I currently keep in the west country.  And along with my wife, enjoy following and encouraging the careers of the next generation of Crossleys, and having a part in the lives of our two young grandsons.



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