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Who you are and what you do:  Kate Young and I help child protection professionals feel more confident.

Where do I live: Kingston upon Hull

How long in business:  In it’s current form – 2 years though self employed for 4 years

Who do you work with:  Mostly universities and youth outreach teams, but my membership is made up of a whole host of child protection professionals

What value do I get from Trainer Talk:  It is the best investment I have made in business. The support is amazing. The group will cheer every victory – however small – and give you a kick up the bum when you need one. And it’s all done with love and genuine care. So very rare to find.

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  Child protection professionals have a very dark humour – nothing that is repeatable here.

What I do outside of work:  Relaxing and giving myself space is really important to me. My favourite thing to do is sing with the chamber choir I’m part of – currently perfecting an acapella Disney medley (it’s harder than you’d think and I now want to be a princess!). I also love to knit and cook.


To find out more about Kate and the Safeguarding Academy, click here

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