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I’m really excited to have you on board. You have joined a fantastic community of friendly, motivational and supportive trainers all totally willing to share what they know and support you on your journey to success.

I am constantly amazed by the level of business and professional knowledge in the group and the generosity and desire to help and encourage each other!

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Business Clinic

Got a question? Get an answer from other experienced trainers.

Spotlight Sessions

Focusing on a different topic each month these facilitated online sessions are opportunities to share best practice and ideas from all you within the Trainer Talk community.

Trainer Talk Online Community Hub

Get involved in our members only online community hub – a great place to get support and help every day!

Expert Interviews

Get powerful insights and ideas on how you can build and sustain a successful and profitable training business from leading experts.

Business Masterclass Library

As part of your Trainer Talk membership you can access the business growth webinars to help you grow your freelance training business.

Trainer Talk Speakers

Missed a live event? Want to catch up with what the trainers discover live at Trainer Talk? Start here:


Need a template? A checklist? An exercise? Check out out resources:

Secrets of Successful Freelance Trainers

I’ve been talking to the most successful freelance trainers I know to get their tips on how to create and grow a training business.

Live Training Sessions

Sharon’s Live Training Sessions with great business tips

Membership Information

Does what it says on the tin …

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