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00.56: Ginette goes first – it was expensive AND tiring | 02.45: Sharon’s now a travel agent (VERY specialised though) | 05.17: The Facebook group is closed for business! | 07.07: Jane’s Secrets interview | 07.37: Sharon didn’t mean it like that (honestly) | 08.08: Look after your existing clients! | 10.15: Why you only need 4-5 direct clients | 11.55: Good vibes in the new group! | 12.35: Why we’re taking a LinkedIn Challenge | 21.18: Limiting beliefs | 23.15: Mindset – again! | 33.05: Ginette’s really not that woo-woo | 33.20: The Dog-walking Digest (blimmin’ fireworks!) | 34.18: Jem gets high?! | 42.55: Beware falling apples! | 44.20: The Event to consider | 46.45: Don’t ask us to promote Twitter hashtags! | 47.34: The cool tool to use online | 50.08: Sharon’s final word (ish) | 52.05: It’s not like when we were young you know! | 53.48: It’s a Christmas-free zone …


Sharon’s Secret’s of Successful Trainers interviews: Link

Karim Hajee’s Creating Power website: Link

Krystyna’s Event on RoI: This event is POSTPONED until the New Year – please follow Krys on Twitter for more! Link

Jukedeck (online music library you can edit to suit): Link



Roll Call (Trainer Talk member shout-outs):

Jane Rennie

Paul Copcutt

Kate Young

Audrey Bodman

Krystyna Gadd

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