Join Sharon and Ginette (from Get That Course Online) as they chat about freelance life, deliver top tips for trainers, find interesting business events to go to, business books to read, cool tools to use online, top online course creation tips (Eps 46+) and catch you up on the latest dog-walking digest!

Sharon Gaskin

Sharon Gaskin 

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Ginette Tessier

Ginette Tessier

Episodes 51-60

Podcast Ep51: Oct 11 2019

Selling With Heart: In an episode that scientists will know how to pronounce correctly, we discuss whether straight or curly hair makes you more credible (yes, really) and who decides on Nationally and Internationally designated days. Ginette decides there’s no reason it can’t be International Ginette Day, before upgrading it to a whole week and Sharon celebrates having a relatively normal week after the madness of September. We welcome a wonderful guest again to talk about her approach to selling and how intuition is so important to being comfortable in business. We also agree that cake is still vital, dogs are bonkers and manage to bring the entire show full circle in a smidge over an hour. Compact but still packed full of insights!

Podcast Ep52: Oct 18 2019

Fun ways to get business: this week we cover whether flexible working means busier pubs, if cake makes up for awful weather (it does) and literal elephants in the room. Sharon finds some Wednesday Wisdom and Ginette wants you to clear your mind, but not in a woo-woo way. In Top of Mind we talk about fun ways of finding business (and if it’s not fun, why are we doing it?!) and how the most successful people simply don’t do what they don’t like. In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem is Home Alone again but starting to show her age, while Scamp pays his respects to the sacred twig – until it disappears in mysterious circumstances … We wrap up the whole episode with the usual events to consider (there’s lots going on!) and an online course creation tip that’s all about painting, but not with brushes!

Episodes 41-50

Podcast Ep41: July 5 2019

Being Discouragement-proof – is it possible? In an episode considerably longer than a sub four-minute mile, Sharon wishes the year away, shows off her street creds while simultaneously being mum of the year (not). Ginette insists that mushrooms are evil and that having an extra business is good for business. In Top of Mind we talk about feeling discouraged, even though there might not be the evidence to back that up. The discussion is obviously a thinly-veiled cover for taking about taking action again, which Jem takes to heart every time she asks to go into the garden. In other news, we cover why squirrels in Cardiff are more discerning and how you can get the kettle to boil every time you post to Facebook …

Podcast Ep42: July 12 2019

Self Care – you ARE allowed! In the episode that is the answer to the Ultimate Question, it’s also a chance to reflect on the importance of cake, how to effectively stalk a world class sportsman without being arrested (yet) and what rocking horses have got to do with anything. Sharon tries to pretend that other things are as important as tennis while Ginette’s gets all geeky over some new software. In the Top of Mind topic we talk in depth about the importance of day to day self care – even if it’s just bragging out loud about getting the washing done! Scamp chases a cat which might have been a fox, Trainer Talk Locals come along like buses and the cool tool won’t organise your safari, but it will help you wallow in downloads.

Podcast Ep43: July 19 2019

Decision-making (and why you shouldn’t do it in a panic): Buckle up listeners, we’ve got a week and a half to catch you up on and Sharon’s taking no prisoners! This time we outdo ourselves with chat (and there’s no truth to the rumour that 80% of it was about cake). Sharon’s celebrating having one child about to become self-sufficient (congrats Amy!) and commiserating about how much the other one now costs (but she loves them really, honest!); Ginette meanwhile is contemplating the next generation of Get That Course Online, while trying to not to get into heated debates on or offline. In shock news, Facebook employs real people and Sharon admits more spreadsheet use while Ginette talks about the book she’s writing (but hasn’t actually started yet). In Top of Mind we discuss (in between the cake bits) how it’s a really bad idea to make decisions based on panic, fear or desperation – but how do we know when we’re doing that? We agree that dogs are really only obedient because they want something and we look at a cool online tool that keeps track of all your information feeds in one place. And cake. We may have talked a bit about cake.

Podcast Ep44: July 22 2019

Realistic Productivity: as the weather decides it’s time to heat up again, we are under the delusion that half a week means we’ll have less to talk about. One hour and 24 later and we’ve covered more Trainer Talk Locals, how you can’t stop Trainers Talking and why, even though it’s a mad idea, even Sharon niches further. Ginette discusses why working at the weekend can be fun and reveals her new job title. Sharon tries to get stern with Jem (who predictably takes no notice) and discovers some unexpected ‘bird seed’. We agree that productivity is helped by planning, but for Ginette the right amount is somewhere between none and some, as long as it’s not an excuse to procrastinate. This week’s cool online tool can handle even our ramblings and just when you thought it was over, we drop a bombshell …

Podcast Ep45: August 2 2019

Keeping Going: it’s the final episode before the summer break, so it’s another bumper edition to keep everyone going (that’s our excuse anyway!). This week we discuss why Americans don’t do vegetables, home-made cake, why rain needs structure and how we know it’s definitely a dog-chair. In actual helpful business-news, we also cover the importance of the first marketing email, the five best ways to keep going and how to encourage people to jump in and try the community for size. In the Dog-walking Digest we reveal the latest on ‘Dropping Watch’ and how the Cool Online Tool will make your training events much more interactive. We also have a very special guest …

Podcast Ep46: September 6 2019

Being Brave With Business Decisions: we’re back after the summer break and raring to go – will we have enough to talk about though?! After dismissing that silly question, we cover Gaskin family dramas (just Amy really), refreshed websites, and why we really like to make things easy. In Top of Mind we talk about making decisions in business and why we need to be brave and own them. Just when you think we’re too serious though, we also talk about why dogs don’t smell roses, and what gardening has to do with Trainer Talk Local, balance in your online courses and whether this episode is going to be Zen …

Podcast Ep47: Sept 13 2019

Resilience with Sheridan Webb: in this week’s shorter-than-the-new-normal episode, Sharon is a bit delirious – though whether that’s more about Rafa reaching 19 or the lack of sleep from watching it, who knows? Our guest Sheridan talks to us about coping with a prolonged dry spell of work – she’s also delirious about finally getting decent broadband! Not to be left out, Ginette can’t quite claim delirium, but has had another mad idea. We also discuss the guilt involved in not feeling able to relax properly when there’s work to do, how committing to Facebook Lives sometimes means you might get arrested, Trainer Talk Local goes international and we manage to reference grand flans, pity parties and big-girl-pants. In the Dog-walking Digest Jem makes her feelings clear about *that* bit of kit and Scamp isn’t a fan of hanging around. Just your normal week really.

Podcast Ep48: Sept 20 2019

Self-inflicted Overwhelm: this week we discuss the hugely important topics of faffing, filing, full moons and precision shopping, what gives Sharon the warm and fuzzies, the disgusting dog-related hold ups Ginette had to endure (you’ve been warned) and why an incomprehensible posh menu doesn’t always translate into nice food. The businessy bit is quite lengthy this week as we dive into the perils of overwhelm from over committing ourselves – is it just bad planning, or is there something more going on? We offer our pearls of wisdom before discussing some others given by the author of the book of the week. Sharon muses over whether moving might actually be the answer and Ginette wants us to say cheese for our online courses.

Podcast Ep49: Sept 27 2019

Packaging: in an episode length that *most* people like, we talk about woo-woo moments and why Trainer Talk Live is like bunking school even when it’s sold out (or is it?!). Sharon considers her accent preference and Ginette creates something really rather meta. In the Top of Mind Topic we discuss personal packaging – how are we presenting ourselves to the world and what has a popular yeast-based spread got to do with it? It’s a golden episode for sure!

Podcast Ep50: Oct 4 2019

Playing Big: this week we talk about belligerent swans, stretching our balloons and saving the world one dog at a time. Sharon found out it was International Podcast Day, which was fitting for the recording of our fiftieth episode (we will accept cake as a token of congratulations. ALL the cake.). We also discuss why Paul was perched on the bin and Kate was in the corner, the fast-becoming-mandatory pre-party for Trainer Talk Live and a *small* shout out to some non-dog people who really exist apparently! In the Top of Mind Topic, Karen Skidmore joins us as a guest to talk about how we can play big in business and Ginette gives another online course creation top tip about making sure learners know how to ask their questions (and what it really means if they don’t have any).

Episodes 31-40

Podcast Ep31: April 26 2019

Purpose (or What’s the point of social media these days?): in the 31st episode we get in-depth about social media and discuss whether we’re in the (as yet) undefined third age of the tool and what that means for our businesses; but it’s not all deep and meaningful (phew!) as we also talk about shilly-shallying, how many eureka moments have been lost to impatient dogs, whether it always rains in Wales, the trouble with (some) vegans and the Marvel infinity stones. And llama videos. Obviously.

Podcast Ep32: May 3 2019

Ideas: Or how do you keep a good idea from fading away? In the ninth happy episode (that’s number 32 to non-mathematicians), we cover mindset, synchronicity and synergy; in our top of mind topic we talk about how to nurture ideas when you work alone – even though we’re very happy to no longer have trial by committee; Ginette gets dangerously close to a rant and we talk about whether Sharon had heavy wind … meaning the weather obviously (can’t believe you went there); Jem finally fell off the chair which was really rather hilarious and Sharon’s book of the week set off a bit of a woo-woo chain of events, while Ginette is let off lightly again as someone else finds a great tool for trainers.

Podcast Ep33: May 10 2019

Business Improvements: when is enough, enough? This week, as well as the fascinating facts about the number 33, Ginette regales us with her tales of Tough Mudder (it was indeed tough and muddy), a shocker on the dog walk and a cool tool for capturing our thoughts in mind bubbles. Sharon is still being tight-lipped about the secret-squirrel project, makes a pun that Anne would be proud of and brings us a book that has led her to a whole new learning opportunity. In Top of Mind we talk about whether there’s ever a finishing line in business. We also shamelessly canvas for votes in the British Podcasting Awards even though the idea of anyone actually listening to us is still a bit weird …

Podcast Ep34: May 17 2019

Resilience: How to get back into shape. If you’re wondering what Chumbawamba, BMW and a Facebook Live (with a facepack) have in common, it’s this week’s episode number 34 (which is also magic), and that’s just the Top of Mind Topic! In a first for Trainer Talk the Podcast, we have a guest on to talk about her experiences with resilience – you won’t want to miss Amanda Alexander’s stories. In other news, Tennis Talk the Podcast makes an appearance, Jem’s getting a haircut (if she ever gets off the chair), Sharon takes a big business step forward and Ginette still can’t tell you what the Secret Squirrel meetings are about, but we both love an unprompted testimonial.

Podcast Ep35: May 24 2019

Community: why is it important? This week’s bumper episode sees Sharon in her second home and Ginette realise she’s no longer a freelance trainer … We reflect on the amazing-ness that is Trainer Talk Live and Sharon finally reveals what the secret squirrel was all about! Our top of mind topic sees us get all deep and meaningful about the nature of belonging (and how you can insert an expletive of your choice), but to counter the depths comes a light and airy look at why it’s essential to listen to your intuition, especially if you want to enjoy a cuppa. In the Dog-walking Digest, Ginette finds the world’s only dog that doesn’t want to go for a walk, and then Sharon learns about selling with heart (mainly because it’s short). Last but not least we look at an app that will keep your writing active.

Podcast Ep36: May 31 2019

Expert: when do you get to call yourself one? This week life gets back to normal (at least for Jem during recording), as Sharon gets caught out and Ginette talks about square triangles; in slightly more business-related content we discuss the new Trainer Talk Local events being organised (no squirrels here anymore) and whether or not – and when – it’s acceptable to call yourself an expert. We both agree that gurus are distasteful and talk about whether surfboards are like traffic cones. The cool online tool helps to speed things up and we finish in time for something tennisy to happen (yep, it’s started).

Podcast Ep37: June 7 2019

Open Courses and Events: how to do them. In an episode that has the star factor, Sharon confesses that she hasn’t watched much tennis (except for Rafa obvs) and Ginette has trouble with a Good Samaritan. Also in this episode, we discuss why Sharon isn’t a whale and what she said to make Ginette snort (with laughter). Our top of mind topic looks at all the things we need to think about for open courses and events (including why we’d bother!) and we talk about what the League of Gentlemen has to do with Trainer Talk (hint: Local). Meanwhile, Jem sleeps lots (except when the podcast is recording) and Scamp’s been behaving (ish).

Podcast Ep38: June 14 2019

Email Marketing and how to think about it. In this week’s episode Sharon shoe-horns in some special numbers of her own and Ginette gets technical talking about background internet whizzy stuff. For some reason, tennis is discussed at length, although it underlines a point about success not being an accident. We cover mindset (for a change), the power of repetition, whether you’re asking for feedback or praise, some tricksy tips for competitor analysis and being clear on your target audience. And in case you think we were all serious in this one, it’s also the one where we make up our own sound effects, we decide that Jem could predict the next (men’s) Football World Cup winners and how it’s still all happening in Bournemouth (even though Sharon’s doing her best to leave it out).

Podcast Ep39: June 21 2019

Sparkle! Going down a rabbit-hole: This week we discuss polite Japanese slang and whether it’s a good thing to overload on learning. Sharon’s full of thoughts about adding value to the membership while Ginette’s trying to censor her mum’s movie watching. We take some time to discuss what happens when we get distracted by following a train of thought – when is it procrastination, when is it genuinely helpful and which bit is the Podcast classed as?! Gut feel comes into play again, but we’re not impressed by the continued sogginess of the dog walks, even though Trainer Talk Locals are off to a flying start and the nifty cool tool will help you save and share interesting stuff.

Podcast Ep40: June 28 2019

Reviews: when do you know it’s time to change? This week (in amongst the tennis talk obviously), Sharon gets a touch of FOMO with the first of the Trainer Talk Locals and Ginette gets the feedback she was waiting for. We discuss how important it is to get reassurance from time to time, but sometimes we just need to get on and do! In the Top of Mind topic we talk about change – should you plan to review and if so, how often? In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem has an ‘incident’, which pales into comparison with what’s revealed later in the Podcast. We also cover another cool tool and have a super-long list of shout outs for lovely listeners!

Episodes 21-30

Podcast Ep21: Feb 15 2019

Statistics: In the 21st ‘It’s THEIR stuff’ episode, we discuss life’s important topics such as stinky candles. Sharon almost takes firestarting a little too literally and then talks about spreadsheets (twice), before revealing that the explosion of wildlife might be less about Eau d’Gaskin and more about last summer’s heatwave. Ginette isn’t so sure she should’ve gone to a certain high street optician and fails miserably to predict which month is rubbish for sign ups. Happily we do talk quite a bit about something work-related – this week, we tackle whether stats really matter …

Podcast Ep22: Feb 22 2019

Reasons: In this week’s episode (sponsored by the word ‘Bonkers’), Sharon finds her meditative trance, new personal development opportunities and yet more wildlife – but also finds someone trying to be her, at least on LinkedIn! However every cloud and all that … Ginette meanwhile gets an unexpectedly pleasant customer service experience, an unexpected present and an unexpected shock that this is the SECOND time someone’s tried to steal Sharon’s work and identity! In other news we talk a lot about why we bother being freelance at all, giddiness at the upcoming first Trainer Talk Live of 2019 and how WTF is all about ‘characters’ …

Podcast Ep23: Mar 1 2019

Commitment: In this episode we can confirm that Sharon looks like her photos and never misses an opportunity to remind someone about an action they promised to take … in other news, The Trainers Training Company and Trainer Talk have both had a website refresh from Ginette and are now showing off some pretty special new looks! We talk about the importance of first impressions, saying thank you, weekly newsletters, being consistent, trusting the process and taking a step back to consider the bigger picture. In this week’s shock news from the Dog Walk, Sharon gets kicked (yes really) by a random stranger and Ginette tests being flexible to the limit!

Podcast Ep24: Mar 8 2019

Referrals: this week we reflect on why sitting in a room can be knackering even if you do have drugs … when something isn’t just good it’s gooood, Ginette arranges a surprise guest appearance at Trainer Talk Live to help celebrate ten years of The Trainers Training Company and we find out what Uncle Bulgaria’s got to do with it all. Our top of mind topic is all about referrals, which unsurprisingly leads us to talking about niches (again), before Sharon confesses to kicking even more varieties of wildlife out of the way on her dog walk. Last but not least, we got some fan mail!

Podcast Ep25: March 15 2019

Delegation: we’re a quarter century in and it’s time for a spring clean – but only when you get to speak to the right person! Sharon does her best to beat herself up, but Ginette’s the one who ends up apologising; we talk a lot about creating space to have time to enjoy your business, but do we self-sabotage the time we create? In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem has a little adventure and we discuss how Councils seem to spend a lot of money on dubious projects at this time of the year. There’s no event (tells us about yours!), but there is a HUGE book to read and a blog idea generator to use.

Podcast Ep26: March 22 2019

Breaks: in our longest episode yet, we talk about our packed weeks with several highlights including someone taking us seriously enough to join up (yes really), a new handbag with a false first impression, a tennis honour and what it means to be differently relaxed. We discuss what taking a break from business really means and find out that Sharon doesn’t take holidays in case she never comes back and Ginette doesn’t take holidays because it’s not productive (this is why we’re definitely not role models). The Dog-walking Digest is a muddy affair with a bit of a white lie and we also cover why Tom Cruise should be your content strategist and how Mercury might have been having some technological fun …

Podcast Ep27: March 29 2019

Attention: in the latest episode Sharon and Ginette talk about the M word (and the S word) and how we all do more of it than we think; we take a surprising look at productivity and also how you’re never too old to smash a limiting belief. Top of Mind this week is a dive into just why it might be that people don’t always give our communication their full attention – and how we as consumers are just as guilty! In the Dog-walking Digest, Sharon’s been distracted by lambs and Ginette brings us the latest on bike-rack-gate. Last but not least this week, there’s a squishy procrastination-buster to get hold of too!

Podcast Ep28: April 5 2019

Action! In this week’s episode, everything is topsy-turvy and not just because of the clocks going forward. We record the day before publishing (the pressure!) and Sharon has clearly been abducted by aliens as her clone has been both sensible AND detailed with the long-awaited review of Mighty Networks. Ginette reflects on the success of her online course creation Bootcamp, and we chat about how taking action is the only way to see business success. In other news, we discuss why eating cake in Dorset is mandatory – even if you’re “just being polite” (yeah right) and how the book of the week sparked a zesty-action-taker into doing the do!

Podcast Ep29: April 12 2019

Assumptions: this week we may have only had half a week to talk about, but we crammed an awful lot into it, including a debacle, a dig and a decision that gurus don’t always know best; Sharon is a zesty-action-taker with recruiting a new member to Team Podcast and Ginette struggles with the clock-change but still swings those kettle bells about; we assume that we can cover something as complex as assumptions in business in our top of mind discussion slot and lose our way somewhat when getting sidetracked about Instagram; in the Dog-walking Digest it’s V.E.T. time, we banish excuse-itis with the Book of the Week, look forward to the next Trainer Talk Live and find a way to have lots of tabs open, without having lots of tabs open …

Podcast Ep30: April 19 2019

Application: In our Easter episode, we discuss ‘proper’ tennis, Tough Mudder training, being more Tiger and why this is all linked to finding the learning in everything we do. Sharon is very decisive (except when she’s not) and Ginette gets to talk to some fun people. We resurrect @TrainerTalkPod and talk about how to stand out against 99,999 other trainers (which involves reading, trying and making sure people can’t see up your nose); it’s also revealed that even the UN comes to Sharon for trainers. In other news, Ginette’s forehead is a bit red and shiny at the moment, and Sharon catches the wildlife colluding on the Dog Walk. Just your average week really …

Episodes 11-20

Podcast Ep11: Nov 23 2018

Engagement: In this episode, Jem finally unleashes all her pent-up opinions, which leads to a short pause in proceedings and a conversation about squeaky balls. In other news, how a long-necked animal has led to a game-changing tool for trainers, why late-night carb-cravings and Siri don’t mix, Sharon adds her own sound effects and Ginette has a mini-rant about quotation attribution. Much of this is genuinely related to business, but it takes us more than an hour (again) to cover it all!

Podcast Ep12: Nov 30 2018

Planning: In the ‘dozenth’ episode, Ginette celebrates by getting a cold, Sharon has a mad week and they discuss whether business planning is really all that … Sharon continues to claim that she doesn’t do spreadsheets and Ginette talks about being in a yoga-boat (or something like that – she’s ill you know). They also cover Trainer Talk Live (get your bookings in quickly!), illusions are shattered when Sharon ‘fesses up and Ginette wants to help you touch up those photos without having to get all techie about it.

Podcast Ep13: Dec 7 2018

Review: As the Podcast enters its teenage phase, Sharon has a mammoth shredding sesh and Ginette’s brain gets randomly productive; we talk about being in the right place at the right time, why the C word is really only two days and how big-girl-pants mean business growth; SkySports goes to Tipton tennis centre (sort of) while Hinge and Brackett have a revival and Ginette reveals why ‘p’ is actually ‘o’; finally we almost managed to keep this one under an hour … so we carry on talking, obviously.

Podcast Ep14: Dec 14 2018

Connection: In this episode: why last week was mega-busy, and (sshh!) there was a fire-starting moment without Sharon! Connection in business is scientifically proven to be crucial and getting phones out in an event takes the energy up another level; it turns out a Timelord can also be a sore loser and freelancing is, let’s face it, swirly; Sharon feels vindicated about being bah-humbug and Ginette sneaks in a pun.

Podcast Ep15: Dec 21 2018

Highlights: It’s the last recording before the break, so it’s a bumper edition from Sharon and Ginette as we discuss the most hilarious Online Business Clinic to date, Sharon’s bonus LinkedIn coaching and how she finally says the ‘C’ word; how a newsletter template can save the day and Ginette has (several) random claims to fame; we both discuss some of the lighter highlights of the year and Sharon has to endure some praise. Finally, dog walking (bad) fashion is reviewed (yes, really, trust us!), Ginette’s running a bootcamp and we both wish you a peaceful/riotous Christmas and New Year, depending on your preference!

Podcast Ep16: Jan 11 2019

Disconnecting: We’re back! In the first episode of 2019, we decide to keep it fairly light and gentle, before ignoring that completely and getting all deep and meaningful. Twice. We also talk about the benefits of tweaks versus resolutions, why Sharon officially doesn’t do detail and how to focus on what success looks like. Chocolate may be mentioned more than once and we ask ‘do dogs get bored?’. The big event is Ginette’s online course creation Bootcamp and the cool tool may be missing a letter, but you won’t miss out on publicising your blog with almost no effort at all – even if you do decide to have a complete break from all things social media.

Podcast Ep17: Jan 18 2019

Blogging: This week Sharon’s kept awake by Rafa, but what happens when he retires? Why the first is the worst (so get it over with) and how Sharon nearly became a random taxi service. Ginette gets a venue found for free for the Bootcamp and starts up a side-hustle because it’s not like she’s got much to do already … We’re fresh out of events so send us yours to promote (except apparently not to Twitter) and the cool tool helps us to stay on top of the latest linguistic trends – even though we’re seriously too old and don’t even know!

Podcast Ep18: Jan 25 2019

Focus: 2019 is definitely up and running! This week we see how many clichés we can fit in to one podcast episode, while agreeing that Blue Monday is a load of old cobblers. Ginette has some new video-making toys and Sharon thinks the meditation is helping (although it could also be sleep deprivation). We’re both keeping all the plates spinning and trying to have quality interactions on social media. That said, Instagram is the spyware of choice to keep an eye on the family … Trainer Talk Live is happening again soon and the cool online tool will keep yer stuff proper, like. Innit.

Podcast Ep19: Feb 1 2019

Completion: It’s episode number na-na-na-na-nineteen, but all is well as Sharon’s feeling philosophical after the Aussie Open final and deluged with the response to her social media cull! This makes up for the slight mishap with meditation as we also celebrate that fact that done is better than perfect. Ginette gets a surprising result to her webinar experiment while dealing with scandal on the dog walk. We also talk about how to be a ninja in Birmingham and why you should definitely get captions on your videos.

Podcast Ep20: Feb 8 2019

Politeness: In Episode 20 Sharon puts Ginette on the spot about the LinkedIn challenge before revealing that apparently falling asleep during meditation isn’t the done thing; Ginette has a bit of a rant about rude people and we discuss how to find the balance between helping people and being taken for granted! The white stuff makes it to Bournemouth but not Birmingham, but that doesn’t explain why Sharon’s having to kick the wildlife out of her way on the dog walk. Also this week, apparently all disciplines of science are basically the same thing …

Episodes 1-10

Podcast Ep1: Sept 14 2018

Authenticity: In the first ever episode, Sharon and Ginette talk about the importance of authenticity, that ‘back to school’ feeling, networking and mind mapping!

Podcast Ep2: Sept 21 2018

Collaboration: In this episode, Sharon and Ginette discuss collaboration – which can sometimes come from random conversations! They also cover co-working spaces and why five-star reviews are the only way to go …

Podcast Ep3: Sept 28 2018

Testimonials: Sharon and Ginette talk all things testimonials in this episode, along with the importance of keeping distraction free and in the moment!

Podcast Ep4: Oct 5 2018

Accountability: We’re all about the sound effects this week … plus a bit about the recent Trainer Talk Live, the importance of being accountable and how cats just aren’t the same as dogs …

Podcast Ep5: 12 Oct 2018

Nudging: This week the search for the perfect app continues, speakers at Trainer Talk Live get both lunch AND cake, nudge nudge wink wink and DO say some more, Ginette’s got a poltergeist and Sharon has the perfect programme to get you clarity in your training business.

Podcast Ep6: Oct 19 2018

Busy-ness: It’s a big week: Sharon’s sings and the search for the app is over (not necessarily related), Lightbulb Jo illuminates us about her secrets, why 80s music was obviously the best, how being busy can get in the way of being sustainable, what boustrophedonic has to do with geography and why we should get graphic and capture our screens with Pacman (sort of).

Podcast Ep7: Oct 26 2018

Consistency: This week we can’t stop talking: we cover everything beginning with ‘C’ (almost), why we have #smugface, whether something is a failure or just not working, bonkers tennis parents and what Aristotle’s got to do with anything. It’s all connected to running your own freelance training business, we promise!

Podcast Ep8: Nov 2 2018

Investment: This time around Ginette gets revenge, Jem makes her debut and then misses her big moment, we talk about being confident about charging and getting over the fear of investing in your business; we’re also completely professional at all times (honest), so you can believe us when we say every business gets better when you have a dog and why it’s all about ‘stickability’; finally, please share us with your friends!

Podcast Ep9: Nov 9 2018

Mindset: For the ninth episode, Ginette and Sharon discuss why neither of their weeks were dominated by business, there are good vibes in the new network and Jane Rennie spills her secrets; we talk about why we’re taking a LinkedIn challenge and what Kevin Bacon’s got to do with anything, Ginette shows off (even though she really isn’t very woo-woo) and Sharon explains why Jem gets high … and by the way IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS YET!

Podcast Ep10: Nov 16 2018

LinkedIn: In the first double-digit episode, Sharon and Ginette forget they need to stop talking at some point, Sharon has #smugface before remembering that she does do spreadsheets really, Ginette has a Farcical Friday and they both talk (at length) about LinkedIn. You also get to find out what Alan Partridge has to do with this week’s event to consider and why being organised can be a pretty slick process.

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