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Join Sharon and Ginette (from Get That Course Online) as they chat about freelance life, deliver top tips for trainers, find interesting business events, cool tools to use online and catch you up on the latest dog-walking digest!

Podcast Ep39: June 21 2019

Sparkle! Going down a rabbit-hole: This week we discuss polite Japanese slang and whether it’s a good thing to overload on learning. Sharon’s full of thoughts about adding value to the membership while Ginette’s trying to censor her mum’s movie watching. We take some time to discuss what happens when we get distracted by following a train of thought – when is it procrastination, when is it genuinely helpful and which bit is the Podcast classed as?! Gut feel comes into play again, but we’re not impressed by the continued sogginess of the dog walks, even though Trainer Talk Locals are off to a flying start and the nifty cool tool will help you save and share interesting stuff.

Podcast Ep38: June 14 2019

Email Marketing and how to think about it. In this week’s episode Sharon shoe-horns in some special numbers of her own and Ginette gets technical talking about background internet whizzy stuff. For some reason, tennis is discussed at length, although it underlines a point about success not being an accident. We cover mindset (for a change), the power of repetition, whether you’re asking for feedback or praise, some tricksy tips for competitor analysis and being clear on your target audience. And in case you think we were all serious in this one, it’s also the one where we make up our own sound effects, we decide that Jem could predict the next (men’s) Football World Cup winners and how it’s still all happening in Bournemouth (even though Sharon’s doing her best to leave it out).

Podcast Ep37: June 7 2019

Open Courses and Events: how to do them. In an episode that has the star factor, Sharon confesses that she hasn’t watched much tennis (except for Rafa obvs) and Ginette has trouble with a Good Samaritan. Also in this episode, we discuss why Sharon isn’t a whale and what she said to make Ginette snort (with laughter). Our top of mind topic looks at all the things we need to think about for open courses and events (including why we’d bother!) and we talk about what the League of Gentlemen has to do with Trainer Talk (hint: Local). Meanwhile, Jem sleeps lots (except when the podcast is recording) and Scamp’s been behaving (ish).

Podcast Ep36: May 31 2019

Expert: when do you get to call yourself one? This week life gets back to normal (at least for Jem during recording), as Sharon gets caught out and Ginette talks about square triangles; in slightly more business-related content we discuss the new Trainer Talk Local events being organised (no squirrels here anymore) and whether or not – and when – it’s acceptable to call yourself an expert. We both agree that gurus are distasteful and talk about whether surfboards are like traffic cones. The cool online tool helps to speed things up and we finish in time for something tennisy to happen (yep, it’s started).

Podcast Ep35: May 24 2019

Community: why is it important? This week’s bumper episode sees Sharon in her second home and Ginette realise she’s no longer a freelance trainer … We reflect on the amazing-ness that is Trainer Talk Live and Sharon finally reveals what the secret squirrel was all about! Our top of mind topic sees us get all deep and meaningful about the nature of belonging (and how you can insert an expletive of your choice), but to counter the depths comes a light and airy look at why it’s essential to listen to your intuition, especially if you want to enjoy a cuppa. In the Dog-walking Digest, Ginette finds the world’s only dog that doesn’t want to go for a walk, and then Sharon learns about selling with heart (mainly because it’s short). Last but not least we look at an app that will keep your writing active.

Podcast Ep34: May 17 2019

Resilience: How to get back into shape. If you’re wondering what Chumbawamba, BMW and a Facebook Live (with a facepack) have in common, it’s this week’s episode number 34 (which is also magic), and that’s just the Top of Mind Topic! In a first for Trainer Talk the Podcast, we have a guest on to talk about her experiences with resilience – you won’t want to miss Amanda Alexander’s stories. In other news, Tennis Talk the Podcast makes an appearance, Jem’s getting a haircut (if she ever gets off the chair), Sharon takes a big business step forward and Ginette still can’t tell you what the Secret Squirrel meetings are about, but we both love an unprompted testimonial.

Podcast Ep33: May 10 2019

Business Improvements: when is enough, enough? This week, as well as the fascinating facts about the number 33, Ginette regales us with her tales of Tough Mudder (it was indeed tough and muddy), a shocker on the dog walk and a cool tool for capturing our thoughts in mind bubbles. Sharon is still being tight-lipped about the secret-squirrel project, makes a pun that Anne would be proud of and brings us a book that has led her to a whole new learning opportunity. In Top of Mind we talk about whether there’s ever a finishing line in business. We also shamelessly canvas for votes in the British Podcasting Awards even though the idea of anyone actually listening to us is still a bit weird …

Podcast Ep32: May 3 2019

Ideas: Or how do you keep a good idea from fading away? In the ninth happy episode (that’s number 32 to non-mathematicians), we cover mindset, synchronicity and synergy; in our top of mind topic we talk about how to nurture ideas when you work alone – even though we’re very happy to no longer have trial by committee; Ginette gets dangerously close to a rant and we talk about whether Sharon had heavy wind … meaning the weather obviously (can’t believe you went there); Jem finally fell off the chair which was really rather hilarious and Sharon’s book of the week set off a bit of a woo-woo chain of events, while Ginette is let off lightly again as someone else finds a great tool for trainers.

Podcast Ep31: April 26 2019

Purpose (or What’s the point of social media these days?): in the 31st episode we get in-depth about social media and discuss whether we’re in the (as yet) undefined third age of the tool and what that means for our businesses; but it’s not all deep and meaningful (phew!) as we also talk about shilly-shallying, how many eureka moments have been lost to impatient dogs, whether it always rains in Wales, the trouble with (some) vegans and the Marvel infinity stones. And llama videos. Obviously.

Podcast Ep30: April 19 2019

Application: In our Easter episode, we discuss ‘proper’ tennis, Tough Mudder training, being more Tiger and why this is all linked to finding the learning in everything we do. Sharon is very decisive (except when she’s not) and Ginette gets to talk to some fun people. We resurrect @TrainerTalkPod and talk about how to stand out against 99,999 other trainers (which involves reading, trying and making sure people can’t see up your nose); it’s also revealed that even the UN comes to Sharon for trainers. In other news, Ginette’s forehead is a bit red and shiny at the moment, and Sharon catches the wildlife colluding on the Dog Walk. Just your average week really …

Sharon Gaskin

Sharon Gaskin

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Ginette Tessier

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