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Join Sharon and Ginette (from Get That Course Online) as they chat about freelance life, deliver top tips for trainers, find interesting business events, cool tools to use online and catch you up on the latest dog-walking digest!

Podcast Ep45: August 2 2019

Keeping Going: it’s the final episode before the summer break, so it’s another bumper edition to keep everyone going (that’s our excuse anyway!). This week we discuss why Americans don’t do vegetables, home-made cake, why rain needs structure and how we know it’s definitely a dog-chair. In actual helpful business-news, we also cover the importance of the first marketing email, the five best ways to keep going and how to encourage people to jump in and try the community for size. In the Dog-walking Digest we reveal the latest on ‘Dropping Watch’ and how the Cool Online Tool will make your training events much more interactive. We also have a very special guest …

Podcast Ep44: July 22 2019

Realistic Productivity: as the weather decides it’s time to heat up again, we are under the delusion that half a week means we’ll have less to talk about. One hour and 24 later and we’ve covered more Trainer Talk Locals, how you can’t stop Trainers Talking and why, even though it’s a mad idea, even Sharon niches further. Ginette discusses why working at the weekend can be fun and reveals her new job title. Sharon tries to get stern with Jem (who predictably takes no notice) and discovers some unexpected ‘bird seed’. We agree that productivity is helped by planning, but for Ginette the right amount is somewhere between none and some, as long as it’s not an excuse to procrastinate. This week’s cool online tool can handle even our ramblings and just when you thought it was over, we drop a bombshell …

Podcast Ep43: July 19 2019

Decision-making (and why you shouldn’t do it in a panic): Buckle up listeners, we’ve got a week and a half to catch you up on and Sharon’s taking no prisoners! This time we outdo ourselves with chat (and there’s no truth to the rumour that 80% of it was about cake). Sharon’s celebrating having one child about to become self-sufficient (congrats Amy!) and commiserating about how much the other one now costs (but she loves them really, honest!); Ginette meanwhile is contemplating the next generation of Get That Course Online, while trying to not to get into heated debates on or offline. In shock news, Facebook employs real people and Sharon admits more spreadsheet use while Ginette talks about the book she’s writing (but hasn’t actually started yet). In Top of Mind we discuss (in between the cake bits) how it’s a really bad idea to make decisions based on panic, fear or desperation – but how do we know when we’re doing that? We agree that dogs are really only obedient because they want something and we look at a cool online tool that keeps track of all your information feeds in one place. And cake. We may have talked a bit about cake.

Podcast Ep42: July 12 2019

Self Care – you ARE allowed! In the episode that is the answer to the Ultimate Question, it’s also a chance to reflect on the importance of cake, how to effectively stalk a world class sportsman without being arrested (yet) and what rocking horses have got to do with anything. Sharon tries to pretend that other things are as important as tennis while Ginette’s gets all geeky over some new software. In the Top of Mind topic we talk in depth about the importance of day to day self care – even if it’s just bragging out loud about getting the washing done! Scamp chases a cat which might have been a fox, Trainer Talk Locals come along like buses and the cool tool won’t organise your safari, but it will help you wallow in downloads.

Podcast Ep41: July 5 2019

Being Discouragement-proof – is it possible? In an episode considerably longer than a sub four-minute mile, Sharon wishes the year away, shows off her street creds while simultaneously being mum of the year (not). Ginette insists that mushrooms are evil and that having an extra business is good for business. In Top of Mind we talk about feeling discouraged, even though there might not be the evidence to back that up. The discussion is obviously a thinly-veiled cover for taking about taking action again, which Jem takes to heart every time she asks to go into the garden. In other news, we cover why squirrels in Cardiff are more discerning and how you can get the kettle to boil every time you post to Facebook …

Podcast Ep40: June 28 2019

Reviews: when do you know it’s time to change? This week (in amongst the tennis talk obviously), Sharon gets a touch of FOMO with the first of the Trainer Talk Locals and Ginette gets the feedback she was waiting for. We discuss how important it is to get reassurance from time to time, but sometimes we just need to get on and do! In the Top of Mind topic we talk about change – should you plan to review and if so, how often? In the Dog-walking Digest, Jem has an ‘incident’, which pales into comparison with what’s revealed later in the Podcast. We also cover another cool tool and have a super-long list of shout outs for lovely listeners!

Podcast Ep39: June 21 2019

Sparkle! Going down a rabbit-hole: This week we discuss polite Japanese slang and whether it’s a good thing to overload on learning. Sharon’s full of thoughts about adding value to the membership while Ginette’s trying to censor her mum’s movie watching. We take some time to discuss what happens when we get distracted by following a train of thought – when is it procrastination, when is it genuinely helpful and which bit is the Podcast classed as?! Gut feel comes into play again, but we’re not impressed by the continued sogginess of the dog walks, even though Trainer Talk Locals are off to a flying start and the nifty cool tool will help you save and share interesting stuff.

Podcast Ep38: June 14 2019

Email Marketing and how to think about it. In this week’s episode Sharon shoe-horns in some special numbers of her own and Ginette gets technical talking about background internet whizzy stuff. For some reason, tennis is discussed at length, although it underlines a point about success not being an accident. We cover mindset (for a change), the power of repetition, whether you’re asking for feedback or praise, some tricksy tips for competitor analysis and being clear on your target audience. And in case you think we were all serious in this one, it’s also the one where we make up our own sound effects, we decide that Jem could predict the next (men’s) Football World Cup winners and how it’s still all happening in Bournemouth (even though Sharon’s doing her best to leave it out).

Podcast Ep37: June 7 2019

Open Courses and Events: how to do them. In an episode that has the star factor, Sharon confesses that she hasn’t watched much tennis (except for Rafa obvs) and Ginette has trouble with a Good Samaritan. Also in this episode, we discuss why Sharon isn’t a whale and what she said to make Ginette snort (with laughter). Our top of mind topic looks at all the things we need to think about for open courses and events (including why we’d bother!) and we talk about what the League of Gentlemen has to do with Trainer Talk (hint: Local). Meanwhile, Jem sleeps lots (except when the podcast is recording) and Scamp’s been behaving (ish).

Podcast Ep36: May 31 2019

Expert: when do you get to call yourself one? This week life gets back to normal (at least for Jem during recording), as Sharon gets caught out and Ginette talks about square triangles; in slightly more business-related content we discuss the new Trainer Talk Local events being organised (no squirrels here anymore) and whether or not – and when – it’s acceptable to call yourself an expert. We both agree that gurus are distasteful and talk about whether surfboards are like traffic cones. The cool online tool helps to speed things up and we finish in time for something tennisy to happen (yep, it’s started).

Sharon Gaskin

Sharon Gaskin

Ginette Tessier

Ginette Tessier

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