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Meet our Ambassadors

Audrey Bodman

Who you are and what you do:  Outshine Ltd a Telephone training techniques specialist.  Specialising in Sales, Service and Employer Engagement. My customer base consists of business to business and I have 2-3  niches which are welfare to work, Universities &...

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Ginette Tessier – Ambassador

Who are you and what do you do:  My name is Ginette Tessier and I run the website which is a part of my freelance training, coaching and consulting business called Acuitas. My business model began as mainly face-to-face direct client work, but...

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Colin Foster – Ambassador

Who you are and what you do:  Colin Foster, I provide Tailored and cost-effective Microsoft Office Training, Consultancy and Support. Improving productivity throughout my clients’ businesses and making Microsoft Office WORK for them Where do you live:  Hyde, to the...

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Emma Williams – Amabssador

Who you are and what you do:  Emma Williams, illuminating wider career choices for early career researchers (everyone between Masters to Lecturer). I am also a Springboard trainer as I am passionate about women’s development – having spent my formative years as a...

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Paul Harris – Ambassador

Who you are and what you do:  Paul Harris and my business is Real Success Ltd which is a training, coaching and consultancy company that helps businesses and organisations to recruit, engage and align their staff to build the future leaders of their organisations. ...

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Ian Crossley

Who you are and what you do:  Ian Crossley, and through my business Performance - Workplace Development Ltd I help businesses to  build more effective teams by increasing self-awareness and team communication (using Insights Discovery), and by building the vital...

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Kate Young

Who you are and what you do:  Kate Young and I help child protection professionals feel more confident. Where do I live: Kingston upon Hull How long in business:  In it’s current form – 2 years though self employed for 4 years Who do you work with:  Mostly...

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I’m very proud to introduce you to our Trainer Talk Ambassadors, Audrey, Colin, Emma, Ginette, Ian, Kate and Paul – very special people within our community.

What do Ambassadors Do? 

  • Look after First Time Attendees at Trainer Talk Live events, saying Hello, making introductions to others and giving out all important information such as where the coffee and cakes are …
  • Facilitate the Business Development Clinic sessions at Trainer Talk Live
  • Be an advocate for Trainer Talk by recommending and introducing Trainer Talk to others in their network
  • Participate in a full day Business Development Mastermind with Sharon and other Ambassadors once a quarter — a great way to get support for their own businesses


What do I Need to Do To Become an Ambassador? 

  • Become a Trainer Talk Member
  • Show commitment to Trainer Talk by attending at least 3 Trainer Talk Live Events and actively participate in the Online Business Development Clinics and Facebook Group
  • Book some time in my calendar so we can set up a date and time to discuss

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