Trainer Talk Ambassadors

I’m very proud to introduce you to our Trainer Talk Ambassadors, Paul, Colin, Emma, Kate, Ginette and Audrey – very special people within our community.


What do Ambassadors Do? 

  • Look after First Time Attendees at Trainer Talk Live events, saying Hello, making introductions to others and giving out all important information such as where the coffee and cakes are …
  • Facilitate the Business Development Clinic sessions at Trainer Talk Live
  • Be an advocate for Trainer Talk by recommending and introducing Trainer Talk to others in their network
  • Participate in a full day Business Development Mastermind with Sharon and other Ambassadors once a quarter — a great way to get support for their own businesses



What do I Need to Do To Become an Ambassador? 

  • Become a Trainer Talk Member
  • Show commitment to Trainer Talk by attending at least 3 Trainer Talk Live Events and actively participate in the Online Business Development Clinics and Facebook Group
  • Book some time in my calendar so we can set up a date and time to discuss

Paul Harris

Who you are and what you do:  Paul Harris and my business is Real Success Ltd which is a training, coaching and consultancy company that helps businesses and organisations to recruit, engage and align their staff to build the future leaders of their organisations.  Recruit, Engage, Align and Lead – because that’s REAL.

Where do you live: Solihull, West Midlands

How long in business: 10 years

Who do you work with: Mainly direct clients within the agricultural sector (farmers!) with a little bit of associate work in the corporate sector

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  The feeling of being part of a team plus a huge mountain of knowledge and support

Funniest thing that happened to you in training room:  Delivered a few sessions with my flies undone! Oops!

What I do outside of work:  Outside of my own business l’m also a Director of three community interest companies, I’m a trustee of Birmingham YMCA and I run a business networking group for those that have a Christian faith and would like to build more of it into their work. I’m also writing a novel, am a season ticket holder at Birmingham City and play the guitar and piano when I can.


To find out more about Paul and Real Success, click here

Emma Williams

Who you are and what you do:  Emma Williams, illuminating wider career choices for early career researchers (everyone between Masters to Lecturer). I am also a Springboard trainer as I am passionate about women’s development – having spent my formative years as a physicist and the only woman in the room!

Where do you live:  Duxford – just south of Cambridge – home of the Imperial War Museum’s planes.

How long in business:  I started in March 2009 – so coming up on 9 years

Who do you work with:  The people in my training room are usually very highly educated (most PhD plus) but need help with the more practical aspects of life such as their careers, turning a bright idea into a product or working better as a team. The people employing me are usually University L&D people who need to provide evidence of training researchers to align with government directives such as enterprise, employability or equality.  I’ve worked all over the UK and in Singapore, Amsterdam, Dublin and Turin.

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  My only regret with Trainer talk is that I didn’t sign up straight away! It can get pretty lonely as a freelance trainer and here you can find lots of support, smiles and coffee. I love the business development part where we can share a problem and discuss it – it is like having 5 more brains! My success shapers group has been instrumental in getting my business on a better footing. The Facebook group is great too – although I seem to have spent quality time learning Excel this week because of it!

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  I’ve had bomb scares and a room of 30 women in tears. I’ve trained Dutch computer scientists and mathematicians which is the very definition of direct. One said “why are you giving us 10 minutes for this task? I only need 3.5 minutes.” I smiled and told him everyone else might need more time. He nodded sagely whilst looking at his colleagues. I also used to give people sticky jelly monsters as prizes until one got stuck on the ceiling. It was still there 3 months later when we returned. We changed venue after that.

What I do outside of work:  Outside work I do archery with my 11 year old – we are both beginners. Also anything sci-fi is popular with our family – hubby and three boys.


To find out more about Emma and EJW Solutions, click here

Colin Foster

Who you are and what you do:  Colin Foster, I provide Tailored and cost-effective Microsoft Office Training, Consultancy and Support. Improving productivity throughout my clients’ businesses and making Microsoft Office WORK for them

Where do you live:  Hyde, to the East of Manchester – but happy to travel almost anywhere as, in addition to servicing clients, it also enables me to try new real ales!

How long in business:  I started in November 1999, so I’m just into my 19th year!

Who do you work with:  Anyone who’s wanting to improve how they use MS Office – whether that’s improving their (or their staffs’) skills generally, or helping to resolve a specific issue

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  Huge amounts – support, someone to talk to or turn to for help, advice, encouragement or simple blackmail(!) to get tasks done or remove that isolation that you can get as a sole trader. Some specifics are the support that I’ve had in getting my newsletter “public ready” (and then actually sent!) & the template that Alison Reeves made available for putting a client proposal together that got me a new client

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  Difficult one… projector bulb exploding with a bang, delegates on an Advanced Excel Course never having created a formula or having a delegate (and a director at that) loudly exclaiming “Oh, blast, it takes me hours to do that & you’ve achieved it in 5 minutes!” and another set saying that “3 of us spent an hour trying to get this done”… a single click later… “Oh ****!”… interesting that I seem to generate bad language with some of my delegates!!!

What I do outside of work:  Away from work, I’ve lots of interests… I’m Chair of Governors at a local Secondary school, I enjoy tabletop wargaming (playing with toy soldiers!) and am interested in Military History – mainly the Second World War & especially Normandy which I visit each year to meet veterans & also research into 18 PoWs who scrawled their names in a wooden shed that my friend now owns. I’m a member of the Campaign for Real Ale, a Christian & I play guitar (none of which are connected, but all enjoyable – even the guitar playing which starts badly & gets worse!!). I even (sometimes) have time to go fishing… occasionally I might even catch something!  I’m married & we have two children – Richard who works in the nuclear industry & Rachael who’s a primary school teacher.


To find out more about Colin and Universal Solutions 4 Business, click here

Ginette Tessier

Who are you and what do you do:  My name is Ginette Tessier and I run a freelance training, coaching and consulting business called Acuitas. My business model began as mainly face-to-face direct client work, but I am increasingly moving towards an online-centric model.

Where do you live:  Bournemouth on the sunny South Coast of the UK

How long have you been in business:  Since the back end of 2014

Who do you work with:  I have a few niches, but my favourite is working with UK and Irish freelance trainers to help them integrate online training into their business.

What value do you get from Trainer Talk:  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this group is the main reason I was able to get over the tricky first few years in business and keep my sanity! It’s one of the (very) few online communities where you can share, celebrate, rant, joke and get invaluable advice and support from people who know exactly what you’re about – a virtual office, but full of people you actually like! We get to meet often, both virtually, and in person at the Trainer Talk Live events. Sharon is one of the first people I came across in my fledgling business owner days who was (and still is!) genuinely all about giving value – I am so proud to have been asked to help her grow the Trainer Talk brand as an Ambassador.

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  For a recent launch, which I was streaming to Facebook Live as well as in a webinar, the link went down 30 seconds before go-live. I was very proud of myself not panicking as I reconnected and checked that everything was hooked up: tick for webinar stream, tick for Facebook Live – good save Ginette! It wasn’t until after it was all done that I checked my Facebook profile to see all these messages from friends saying they’d enjoyed the Live even if they didn’t really understand what I was talking about. Turns out I’d reconnected the live feed to my personal page, not my business page, where all the people who would know what I was talking about had been waiting for the webinar that never came …

What I do outside of work:  Two things mainly occupy my time – walking my rescued Jack Russell cross Scamp who is definitely the office time-keeper! Also I’m a field hockey umpire assessor and coach – I used to umpire women’s national league, now my time is spent passing on my experience to others.

To find out more about Ginette and Acuitas, click here


Audrey Bodman

Who you are and what you do:  Outshine Ltd a Telephone training techniques specialist.  Specialising in Sales, Service and Employer Engagement. My customer base consists of business to business and I have 2-3  niches which are welfare to work, Universities & colleges and work based learning organisations who promote apprenticeships all focused on growing their business and protecting it by phone.

I’ve been in business now for over 25 years in business. Started in 1992. 90% of my client base is direct clients. 10% associate work.

Where do I live: Bristol, although have property and presence in Derby regularly. My training business takes me all over the UK.

What value do I get from Trainer Talk:  Enormous value. It can be very lonely being a trainer and this is eliminated when you are part of the Trainer Talk community. The other fantastic thing is that if you need to find something out or need help, someone ALWAYS responds. The help is unbelievable. It’s clear that everything Trainer Talk stands for is focused on helping you to grow and maintain your trainer business.

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  Wasn’t funny at the time. I split a group into 5 ladies and 5 men for an exercise.  A few minutes into the exercise one group was in fits of laughter. The group of 5 men, was in fact 4 men and 1 woman.  She’d got very short hair and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Felt awful for her but thankfully she took it in good spirit!

What I do outside of work:  I love running. Run 3 times a week after starting 2 years ago. Completed the London Marathon in 2017 and volunteer for a local homeless charity. Love walking my boxer dog Maisey with the husband!


To find out more about Audrey and Outshine, click here

Kate Young

Who you are and what you do:  Kate Young and I help child protection professionals feel more confident.

Where do I live: Kingston upon Hull

How long in business:  In it’s current form – 2 years though self employed for 4 years

Who do you work with:  Mostly universities and youth outreach teams, but my membership is made up of a whole host of child protection professionals

What value do I get from Trainer Talk:  It is the best investment I have made in business. The support is amazing. The group will cheer every victory – however small – and give you a kick up the bum when you need one. And it’s all done with love and genuine care. So very rare to find.

Funniest thing that happened to you in a training room:  Child protection professionals have a very dark humour – nothing that is repeatable here.

What I do outside of work:  Relaxing and giving myself space is really important to me. My favourite thing to do is sing with the chamber choir I’m part of – currently perfecting an acapella Disney medley (it’s harder than you’d think and I now want to be a princess!). I also love to knit and cook.


To find out more about Kate and the Safeguarding Academy, click here

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