Meet our Ambassadors

I’m very proud to introduce you to our Trainer Talk Ambassadors: Audrey, Colin, Emma, Ginette, Ian, Kate and Paul – very special people within our community.

What do Ambassadors Do? 

  • Look after First Time Attendees at Trainer Talk Live events, saying Hello, making introductions to others and giving out all important information such as where the coffee and cakes are …
  • Facilitate the Business Development Clinic sessions at Trainer Talk Live
  • Be an advocate for Trainer Talk by recommending and introducing Trainer Talk to others in their network
  • Participate in a full day Business Development Mastermind with Sharon and other Ambassadors once a quarter — a great way to get support for their own businesses


What do I Need to Do To Become an Ambassador? 

  • Become a Trainer Talk Member
  • Show commitment to Trainer Talk by attending at least 3 Trainer Talk Live Events and actively participate in the Online Business Development Clinics and Facebook Group
  • Book some time in my calendar so we can set up a date and time to discuss

Name: Audrey Bodman

Also known as: Mrs Motivator

Company: Outshine Telephone Training and Resources Ltd

Specialism: Telephone training

Year Business Started: 1992

Home location: Bristol

Work location: UK-wide

Non-work stuff: running, walking the boxer dogs Maisey and Murphy with husband Mr B!

Read more here: Audrey’s full bio

Name: Colin Foster

Also known as: The Productivity Timelord

Company: Universal Solutions 4 Business (US4B)

Specialism: Microsoft Office

Year Business Started: 1999

Home location: Hyde, east of Manchester

Work location: UK-wide

Non-work stuff: table-top wargaming, military history, real ales, guitar-playing, fishing, Christian, secondary school Chair of Governors

Read more here: Colin’s full bio

Name: Emma Williams

Also known as: The Nerd Coach

Company: EJW Solutions

Specialism: Early career researchers

Year Business Started: 2009

Home location: Duxford, south of Cambridge

Work location: UK-wide, Europe and Singapore

Non-work stuff: archery, sci-fi, coffee (lots of)

Read more here: Emma’s full bio

Name: Ginette Tessier

Also known as: Queen of Online

Company: Get That Course Online

Specialism: Online trainer training

Year Business Started: 2014

Home location: Bournemouth

Work location: Wherever your computer is!

Non-work stuff: hockey umpire assessor and coach, strength training, walking Scamp the rescued Jack Russell cross

Read more here: Ginette’s full bio

Name: Ian Crossley

Also known as: Captain Insights

Company: Performance – Workplace Development

Specialism: Effective team building

Year Business Started: 2013

Home location: Chichester

Work location: UK and Middle East

Non-work stuff: Christian, community work, training, sailing

Read more here: Ian’s full bio

Name: Kate Young

Also known as: Chief cake-maker

Company: The Safeguarding Association

Specialism: Child protection

Year Business Started: 2014

Home location: Kingston upon Hull

Work location: UK

Non-work stuff: Chamber choir singing, baking, knitting, walking Sam the golden retriever

Read more here: Kate’s full bio

Name: Paul Harris

Also known as: The Farmer Whisperer

Company: Real Success Ltd

Specialism: Recruiting, Engaging and Aligning future Leaders in the agricultural industry

Year Business Started: 2008

Home location: Solihull

Work location: UK

Non-work stuff: Director of three community interest companies, Chair of Birmingham YMCA, founder of a Christian networking group, Birmingham City season ticket holder, guitar and piano playing

Read more here: Paul’s full bio

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